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3821 BM Amersfoort
The Netherlands

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Partners in:
Innovation – Creative solutions

The innovation process requires knowledge, insight, energy, perseverance, and most importantly: creativity. We help your organisation to find creative solutions for internal and external issues. 


Innovation – The future within reach
Noticing and grasping opportunities that arise from the market and from technological developments. We will assist you in finding resources for sustainable competitive advantage.
Innovation – Collaboration in projects
We are your strategic partner in the structural strengthening of regions, branches and sectors of industry. We lead your projects in a result driven, well financed, accurately managed way and we make sure that projects are correctly brought to a close.
Innovation – People business
People are the heart of every organisation. We will unfold the needs that arise from your branch of industry in the field of knowledge. We will find ways to meet these needs in collaboration with knowledge institutions. We will find a match between the personal development of employees and your company strategy.

The Entrepreneurship Battle!
Heb jij ondernemersambities? En heb jij een steengoed idee maar is het nu tijd om vorm te gaan geven aan je businessplan? Twijfel niet langer en meld je aan voor de...
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: international exchange voor entrepreneurs Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme for entrepreneurs, financed by...
Crowdfunding: een waardevolle aanvulling op de co-financiering van innovatie
Flexchair vroeg Van der Meer & van Tilburg om mee te denken hoe zij de Flexchair 2.0, een innovatief Internet-of-Things-concept, konden financieren.