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The Entrepreneurship Battle!


Heb jij ondernemersambities? En heb jij een steengoed idee maar is het nu tijd om vorm te gaan geven aan je businessplan? Twijfel niet langer en meld je aan voor de Entrepreneurship Battle!

Innovatie-adviesbureau Van der Meer & Van Tilburg en Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs slaan de handen ineen en bieden startende ondernemers de kans om een coachingstraject op maat te winnen.

Gedurende het traject word je, als je wint, zowel online als face-to-face begeleid door een ervaren innovatieadviseur bij het valideren van je business-idee. Aan het einde van het traject heb jij de eerste versie van je businessplan opgesteld en ben je klaar om je idee te gaan testen in de praktijk. 


Hoe maak je kans?

1. Vul vóór 31 januari het aanmeldformulier in 

2. Binnen twee weken wordt je business idee beoordeeld en ontvang je feedback. In februari 2017 maken wij bekend wie de winnaar is van de Entrepreneurship Battle!


Klik hier om naar het aanmeldformulier te gaan. 
Crowdfunding: een waardevolle aanvulling op de co-financiering van innovatie

Flexchair vroeg Van der Meer & van Tilburg om mee te denken hoe zij de Flexchair 2.0, een innovatief Internet-of-Things-concept, konden financieren.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: international exchange voor entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme for entrepreneurs, financed by the European Union. It offers new entrepreneurs the opportunity to work alongside an ealtxperienced entrepreneur in another European Union country and strengthen the skills they need to develop their business. Your stay abroad will last a few months.

Meman Kick off

Brussels, 26 January 2015  

 The MEMAN project started on 26 january. altThe aim of this project is to improve the competitive level of the metalindustries, which is one of the biggest sectors in the EU. The innovative power of this project is that the whole valuechain is under investigation, instead of looking only for small improvements on company- or proceslevel. In MEMAN there will be a holostic perspective to look to resource effeiciency, with emphasis on energy, raw materials and other resources, in an integrated optimalisation approach.


INNEON – Investor sought

Van der Meer & van Tilburg is project partner in the INNEON project. This project been launched in February 2014 and is funded by the European Union. The goal of the project is to expand the available financial resources for companies which focus is on eco-innovation.

SWIP: Innovation Small windtubines

Van der Meer & van Tilburg is project partner in the European project SWIP. The SWIP project (‘New innovative solutions, components and tools for the integration of wind energy in urban and peri-urban areas’) aims to expand the market for small wind turbines in Europe.

Toolbox for innovation

Collaborative research between the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the TU Delft has led to the publication of 'Integrated Creative Problem Solving' in November 2013. This book turned out to be the missing piece in what otherwise would be the academically uncharted territory in which it approaches Creative Problem solving and it's relationships between different tools and techniques. The publication is the result of the combined forces of Han van der Meer (Van der Meer & Van Tilburg / Lector Saxion) and Professor Jan Buijs (TU Delft).

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry-techniek

Stichting Kennis Platform Oppervlakte Technologie (KP.OT) heeft het initiatief genomen tot het laten uitvoeren van een studie van de Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry-techniek (APR)voor de inspectie van warmtewisselaarbundels. Van der Meer & van Tilburg heeft het project ontwikkeld en begeleid. AgentschapNL heeft het project gefinancierd.

Recycling of metals from coatings

Resource efficiency will be an important issue in the coming years. Recycling rare metals will take an important place. Together with KP.OT Van der Meer & Van Tilburg initiated research on the available recycling technologies for rare metals in coatings.

Innovation with business models

Value is key for customers. When people think about innovation their mind will probably turn to technological innovation; the development of a new product or production process. But what about the value that your company provides with this technology? What does the customer think and why did he choose you, and not someone else?

Helpt u ons de nieuwe Water Innovation Quick Scan te verbeteren?

Van der Meer & van Tilburg is momenteel betrokken bij een Europees project, genaamd Innowater, waarin diverse tools worden ontwikkeld om de commercialisatie van nieuwe watertechnologieën te stimuleren. Voor een van deze tools zijn wij op zoek naar ondernemers die deze voor ons willen testen.

TII Summer School workshop: managing innovation

Every year the European network Technology Innovation International (TII) organises a Summer School in which companies and knowledge institutions familiarize themselves with the process of arriving from knowledge to business. At the 2012 edition, Van der Meer & van Tilburg provided for one of the five course days, during which the participants had the opportunity to gain insight into managing innovation.

The Carbon Footprint: a good place to start

These days it is quite common that businesses and governments ask their suppliers about their Corporate Social Responsibility. The Carbon Footprint is a method that is used to quantify a company’s CO2-emissions. The initial calculation gives good insight in the ways a company can bring down their own emissions. The company can make well-deliberated decisions on effective emission-cutting measures, because the main contributors are identified in the calculation.

Brochure "Guide to exploitation of PVD"

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a technology that is used to deposit a thin layer of a vaporized substance on a surface. Read more...


Workshop New Product Development for SMEs in Slovenia

The use of innovation as a way to stay ahead of the competition should not be limited to large multinationals only. Also smaller companies can benefit from the innovation process to expand their market and gain competitiveness after the crisis. However, research shows that only 23% of SME companies actively perform Research & Development. The product innovation process is experienced as unpredictable and risky, which is partly caused by a relatively small financial buffer and the priority that is given to daily business activities.

Opportunities with ECO Quick Scan

The Eco Quick Scan (EQS) was developed by Van der Meer & van Tilburg to assist industrial SME’s with ecological efficiency improvements. The Quick Scan is derived from projects related to ISO 9000 and 14000 (see here), Cradle to Cradle, sustainability and eco-efficiency. Van der Meer & van Tilburg noticed a need

Participation in Greenovate

Van der Meer & van Tilburg participates in Greenovate! Europe

Greenovate! Europe combines the expertise of technology developers and contribute this knowledge quickly and successfully to European and international markets. Participants in Greenovate! Europe are committed to a Europe that excels in eco-innovation. Van der Meer & van Tilburg is part of this partnership.

Roadmap Physical Vapor Deposition

Flexicoat Project PVD technology is accessible to SME’s.

The Flexicoat project is a European joint venture between companies, research institutions and industry associations that aims to deliver PVD coating technology to SME’s.

The art of entrepreneurship

Author: Han van der Meer, lector knowledge & innovation entrepreneurship at Saxion Applied Universities