The Bio4Products project (4x4, demonstrating a flexible value chain to utilise biomass functionalities in the processing industry) aims to make use of bio-resources such as straw, bark, forest residues and sunflower husks for a more environmentally-friendly future.

Bio4Products will demonstrate how these four bio-resources can be exploited, creating sustainable natural alternatives to fossil materials such as bitumen, phenols and creosote. The project will demonstrate the integration of these bio-alternatives into four end products: roofing material, phenolic resins, sand moulding resins and engineered wood and natural fibre reinforced products. If these renewable materials can be properly utilised, they have the potential to directly substitute fossil resources currently used in the process industry. Bio4Products brings together a unique blend of organisations and expertise, and is led by BTG Biomass Technology Group from the Netherlands. Industrial partners from Belgium and Germany will demonstrate the viability of the new value chains on their existing product lines, with support from expert partners in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

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