Van der Meer & van Tilburg is an independent consultancy firm specialised in the subjects of innovation, knowledge and new business development. The company was established in 1979 by Han van der Meer and Jaap van Tilburg.

Business disciplines

Van der Meer & van Tilburg specialises in a combination of the following disciplines: strategy, technology, marketing and organisation. The business areas that arise from these disciplines are specified in the figure below.

The executives have backgrounds in both business strategy and technology. They strive for active participation of clients in the execution of projects.


Clients of Van der Meer & van Tilburg are: government, branch organisations, regional development organisations, small and medium sized enterprises, big companies and knowledge institutions.


  • consultancy
  • projects
  • research
  • education & training
  • management

Next to assignments, the company also develops and executes projects in close cooperation with clients. Van der Meer & van Tilburg will take the responsibility for solid funding and a well-managed financial administration.

The consultants of Van der Meer & van Tilburg actively participate in several international networks. The company is a board member of TII (Technology Innovation International) and a sponsor of the EACI (European Association for Creativity and Innovation).

As a member of the Dutch association of management consultants OOA (Orde van Organisatiekundigen en –Adviseurs) Van der Meer & van Tilburg is subject to their professional code of conduct.