We support your company with the realisation of strategies for growth, new products, markets and processes. A powerful and qualitative internal organisation is essential. Subsequently we help organisations to innovate by implementing innovation mechanisms and to enhance a cultural climate for innovation. Open innovation gives opportunities to broaden the business model of your company.

Knowledge is a strategic factor for innovation and competitive advantage. We fill the gap between research and commercialisation by companies. We explore the market to find commercial possibilities for new knowledge of institutions and universities. We map knowledge and development demands of companies and branches and use the results for feedback to research and educational institutions. We explore future developments by means of tools such as technology roadmaps and knowledge position studies.

For and with governments, regions, sectors and branches we execute development projects. We have broad experience in all aspect of these, often complicated, projects. This includes the development and initiating of a project, the gathering of financing mechanisms and the execution and management of a project. We take care of a transparent administrative and financial ending of the project, including a statement from the accountant.

We facilitate creative sessions to generate ideas, strategies and solutions. Using our training in creative techniques, we ignite the creative potential in your organisation. Subsequently we facilitate interactive planning sessions to develop your company policy and to create support for important decisions.

In order to promote knowledge intensive entrepreneurship we help governments, regions and knowledge institutions to create and manage a well-balanced support infrastructure for start-ups and spin-offs. We have successfully supported many new businesses, both individually and collectively, in workshops, training courses and other start-up programmes.