Participation in Greenovate! Europe

Greenovate! Europe combines the expertise of technology developers and contribute this knowledge quickly and successfully to European and international markets. Participants in Greenovate! Europe are committed to a Europe that excels in eco-innovation. Van der Meer & van Tilburg is part of this partnership. Gosse Hiemstra, director of Van der Meer & van Tilburg is now president of Greenovate!

Greenovate! Europe is the only organization in Europe where research and technology center together with innovation agencies join forces in this way for industries and business sectors. A select group comprising the major players in the eco-innovation value chain to achieve synergy through cooperation in technical, organizational, managerial and financial experts for green innovations.

Furthermore, this very effective European network wants to support tailored partnerships, internationalization and creating new opportunities for companies, clusters, industry associations and government agencies. All members have a strong focus on energy and environmental technologies and related services.

Green innovation is often very lucrative business. If you are interested in exploiting the opportunities and want to use our experience and capabilities on (European) cooperation, please contact us.